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    Shandong xinghua decorative material co., LTD., founded in 2011 on December 6, is China's largest one of the high pressure fire prevention board manufacturers, the production base of 40000 square meters, production line three, staff 100 people, the annual output of 4 million pieces. It can produce the balance board, bending plate, metal plate, resistance times the special plate and core plate, its unique design concept and personalized style no.1 in domestic fire prevention board, each piece of board is the crystallization of technology and art, is the sublimation of high quality life. Xinghua high-grade refractory plate slab convex very taste, echo unique atmosphere, realize the splendid life.
Company products are widely used in inner decoration, household cabinet, bathroom partition, experimental platform, transport and bowling alleys lining body (see product application range), and by the fire, heat, wear-resisting

Company Address: Linyi City, Shandong Province Jiefang Road and the high road intersection south of 1000 meters west
Company Phone: 0539-8949666
Company Fax: 0539-8949777
Tel: 13905390126 13053955118

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